Boomer the dog lampwork bead

Puppy portrait beads....

Sweet Judy blue eyes

Sweet Judy blue eyes and Boomer lampwork puppy beads.

This adorable girl is called Sweet Judy blue eyes. I was contacted by Megan after she spotted a post of mine in a facebook group called Home for Peculiar Artists (it's great fun, go check it out!) asking me to make a lampwork bead of her cute blue eyed dog Judy. I had never made a dog bead before and it sounded fun so I gave it a try!

sweet Judy lampwork dog bead
Boomer the dog

This cute boy is her brother Boomer. Megan was so thrilled with the Sweet Judy bead that she wanted to immortalise Boomer in glass too.

Look at that sticking up ear! and that tongue! Such a gorgeous boy....

Loving how both of these beads turned out, but then having such quirky and photogenic models really helped!

Boomer the dog lampwork bead

Megan decided she would like to wear her adorable pup beads as a necklace and so here is the final design ready to wear...


custom lampwork dog necklace

If you would like your dog immortalised forever as a cartoon style lampwork puppy bead please feel free to message me at or check out my puppy beads currently for sale.

Have a great day, Jolene x

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